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Apple’s iPhone 15: A Slight Price Increase with a Sneaky Strategy

Apple supported the cost of only one iPhone model - the top-end Star Max, which moves by $100 to $1,199 - while leaving the other three new adaptations unaltered.

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Apple’s iPhone 15: A Slight Price Increase with a Sneaky Strategy

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Apple has quietly implemented a price hike on its latest iPhone, showing their knack for squeezing more from consumers while avoiding the shock of steep price tags. In this move, Apple raised the price of just one iPhone model—the top-tier Pro Max—by $100, bringing it to $1,199, while leaving the prices of the other three new versions untouched. What’s interesting is that even with this price bump, the upgraded phone now offers twice as much storage, making Apple’s case that it’s not truly a price increase after all.

This move is in line with Apple’s cautious approach to pricing, especially in a climate where consumers are wary of rising costs due to inflation. Rather than dramatically altering their prices, Apple is cleverly devising ways to encourage customers to spend more. For instance, they’re loading their premium iPhones with exclusive features, such as enhanced zoom lenses and titanium frames, enticing customers towards more expensive options.

Apple’s transistion to a USB-C port on the iPhone 15

Even Apple’s transition to a USB-C port on the iPhone, initially met with resistance, provides fresh opportunities for generating revenue. If users want their AirPods to have the same connector as the latest iPhones, they’ll need to invest $249 in a new pair. Alternatively, they can purchase a Lightning-to-USB-C adapter from Apple for $29 to continue using their existing chargers.

Some investors had hoped for broader price increases from Apple, which may explain their lukewarm response to Apple’s recent iPhone event. The company’s stock dipped 1.7% to $176.30 in response.

However, Apple faces challenges in a smartphone industry that’s experiencing a global decline. Last quarter, worldwide smartphone shipments dropped by nearly 7%, as reported by IDC, impacting Apple’s primary revenue source. Issues in China, including government bans and competition from Huawei Technologies Co., have further compounded the company’s challenges.

iphone 15

Given these circumstances, Apple is holding the line on pricing for the lower-end iPhone 15 at $799, while the entry-level Pro model remains at $999. Notably, this $999 price point was once considered extravagant when the iPhone X debuted at that level in 2017.

While the starting Pro Max will be nearly 10% pricier than the cheapest iPhone 14 Pro Max, it now boasts 256 gigabytes of storage compared to the previous 128 gigabytes.

It’s worth highlighting that Apple has chosen not to raise prices on the higher-storage versions of the iPhone 15 Pro Max. The 512-gigabyte version remains at $1,399, and the 1-terabyte model is still priced at $1,599. Nevertheless, Apple can capitalize on higher margins because of declining storage costs.

Interestingly, Apple is implementing more significant price hikes outside the United States. In Canada, the iPhone 15 Pro will see a $50 increase, while the Pro Max price will jump by $200. In India, the Pro Max will experience an approximately 14% price surge.

On the flip side, some countries will witness price reductions. In the UK, the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max are £100 ($125) cheaper than their predecessors.

Beyond these iPhone pricing maneuvers, Apple is diversifying its revenue streams through additional services and accessories. They’ve introduced two new storage tiers for their iCloud online storage service: a 6-terabyte plan for $30 per month and a 12-terabyte option for $60 per month, superseding the previous 2-terabyte plan priced at $10.

The new AirPods also underscore Apple’s bolder approach. When the company introduced wireless charging for the iPhone, they allowed AirPods users to purchase new cases that shared the same format, sparing them from buying entirely new earbuds. This time, however, they’re not offering a standalone case compatible with USB-C.

For those purchasing the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, a new cable is required to fully experience the promised faster data transfer speeds. Apple is selling this cable for $69.

So, while Apple might not be shouting about their price adjustments, they are quietly implementing strategies to keep their revenue flowing smoothly, ensuring that their products continue to entice customers without causing too much sticker shock.

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