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iPhone 15 vs. Google Pixel 8: Should you stand off till Google?

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iPhone 15 vs. Google Pixel 8: Should you stand off till Google?

While Apple made some significant improvements with the iPhone 15, the Google Pixel 8 launch is just a few weeks away. So, should you wait to see Google’s newest product before purchasing the iPhone 15?

Google Pixel 8
iPhone 15 vs. Google Pixel 8: Should you stand off till Google?

With the help of leaks and Google’s own publication of images and information about the Pixel 8, we already have a fairly detailed picture of the device. So, even though there is still some conjecture involved and we need to complete our comprehensive assessment of both phones to provide answers to some queries, we should be able to point you in the right path at this point.

Let’s try to look at Google’s cards to determine where you should place your wager because Apple has already laid them out.

iPhone 15 vs. Google Pixel 8: What will be the Price

The starting pricing for the iPhone 15 remains the same at $799 for the base model with 128GB of storage, according to Apple. It costs $899 to upgrade to 256GB, and $1,099 to get the maximum 512GB.

Although the Pixel 8’s price hasn’t been officially announced, rumours indicate that it will increase from the $599 that we’ve enjoyed for the last two generations. That’s not at all surprising; after the Google Pixel 7a launched in May and promised a potentially superior experience for only $499, we foresaw this price increase.

The good news is that Google is apparently still planning to keep prices lower than Apple, with the base Pixel 8 with 128GB of storage expected to cost between $649 and $799. A 256GB model will cost you $100 extra.

  • $799 for the iPhone 15.                                                                                      $649–699 for the Google Pixel 8

While we won’t declare a victor in this category until Google’s pricing is public, it’s difficult to envision a $200 price increase based on the rest of what we know about the Pixel 8. As a result, Google is almost certain to win this competition.

Google Pixel 8 vs. the iPhone 15: Design

The edges of the iPhone 15 are slightly curled and given the Dynamic Island effect. With USB-C, the iPhone 15 joins the rest of the world.

The Google Pixel 8 could make a very uncommon smartphone move and get slightly smaller.

The iPhone 15 doesn’t significantly differ from its predecessor, but it does do away with the notch in favour of Dynamic Island, which was only available on Pro versions the previous year. Additionally, the borders and camera array have a softer curvature, which should make it more comfortable to handle.

The switch from a Lightning port to a USB-C port after 11 years will have the biggest impact on users. It’s not surprising because we have been closely tracking this incident as it relates to the Apple vs. EU dispute. For those with a significant collection of Lightning cables, it will undoubtedly be frustrating in the short term, but the majority of consumers should already have a stable of USB-C chargers and connectors from other devices.

The Google Pixel 8 is almost unchanged from the previous two models, with Google’s divisive camera bar still dominating the back of the device.  You’ll continue to hold your position this time around regardless of where you were on the issue over the previous two generations. The phone in the teaser video was obviously called Peony Rose by Google, and it will be accompanied by Grey and Obsidian Black.

iPhone 15: 3,349mAh                                                                                             Google Pixel 8: 4,485 mAh (rumored)

The Pixel 8 is rumored to get a slight increase in battery size to 4,485 mAh, which is 130 mAh up from the Pixel 7. The Pixel 7’s battery life was its fatal flaw, so this is a much-needed improvement.

Whatever the case, it’s a good bet that it won’t outlast the iPhone 15’s battery life, which soared back into a strong position by lasting 11 hours and 5 minutes in the battery test conducted by our sister site Tom’s Guide. From the 9 hours and 46 minutes for the iPhone 14, that is a significant improvement.

Google Pixel 8 vs. iPhone 15: Display

iPhone 15 has a 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR display with a resolution of 2556 x 1179 pixels.

Google Pixel 8 has a 6.2-inch OLED screen with a resolution of 2268 by 1080 pixels and an adjustable refresh rate of 120Hz.

There aren’t many changes to the iPhone 15 display other than the switch from the notch to the Dynamic Island. That’s bad because the 60Hz refresh rate is what we’d expect on an Android phone for around $400 even if it has a perfectly acceptable resolution and a stated 1,600 nits of peak brightness.

On the other hand, the Google Pixel 8 won’t see any changes, which implies that, with the exception of brightness, it will be superior in practically other metrics. The 60Hz LCD panel used by Apple is significantly outclassed by the 120Hz AMOLED display.

Google Pixel 8 vs. the iPhone 15: processor

A16 in the iPhone 15 has a 16-core neural engine, a 6-core CPU, and a 5-core GPU.

Google Tensor G3: Google Pixel 8

As part of Apple’s ongoing recycling strategy, the iPhone 15 this year receives the A16 Bionic chip from the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max of the previous year. While that might sound discouraging, it really shouldn’t be because the A16 Bionic is still one of the most potent smartphones available right now. You’ll have a hard time finding a task that it won’t finish quickly.

Google’s Tensor G3 won’t be able to compete with the A16 Bionic in many ways, but it should be a significant improvement over the G2 and enable ray tracing capabilities, which is a function only available on Apple’s A17 Pro in the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max.

The Tensor G3 is predicted to have CPU performance comparable to 2022 flagship phones and GPU performance comparable to the majority of 2023 flagship phones. Once more, it may not sound like a huge improvement, but Google has routinely delivered greater performance than the benchmark ratings would imply.

Google Pixel 8 vs. the iPhone 15: cameras

New 48MP wide camera is coming to the iPhone 15.

The updated 50MP wide angle and slightly larger 12MP ultrawide lenses come with the Google Pixel 8.

The smartphone camera wars are one of the most talked-about topics, but they can also be one of the most perplexing because we’ve seen underwhelming outcomes from excellent gear. The importance of computational photography has made it so that the greatest hardware is not always the winner.

Given that you need both, let’s examine the cameras in the iPhone 15 and Google Pixel 8, but we won’t be able to tell you which one takes the finest photos until we have the phones in our hands.


It’s too soon to declare a winner in this contest, but if you’re on the fence, I’d suggest delaying your decision until the Google Pixel 8 is out. Some people will be drawn in by the savings of $100 or more on their purchase alone, and given the shots I’ve seen so far from the iPhone 15, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Pixel 8 produced superior images (video, though, is a different story).

The situation would change significantly if you were debating between the iPhone 15 and the iPhone 15 Pro because the Pro versions received a substantially larger boost than the basic iPhone 15 models. Read our analysis of the iPhone 15 Pro vs. Google Pixel 8 Pro comparison if you’re still undecided.

The battery life, where I anticipate it to keep a large lead over the Google Pixel 8, and performance, where the A16 Bionic is still likely to be in a class above the Tensor G3, will be the key differentiators for the iPhone 15.

The 120Hz adaptive display, the maybe better photographs, and some of the distinctive software capabilities made available by the Pixel line all work in favour of the Google Pixel 8. Given that Google hasn’t yet disclosed all of the new features that will be included in the Pixel 8, that final one might still surprise us.

Wait as long as you can; in just a few weeks, we’ll have a more thorough examination of some of the finest phones of 2023.




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