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The top ten YouTube microphones available in India

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The top ten YouTube microphones available in India


  • Both indoor and outdoor microphones are available for purchase.
  • There are numerous types of microphones on the market.
  • These are compatible with PCs, DSLR cameras, and smartphones.

Millions of people throughout the world have been given power via the well-known platform YouTube. People can create accounts, post content, and get money from their efforts. Now that smartphones have reliable cameras, anyone can do that. But the majority of the time, people overlook the purpose of audio, which is just as crucial if not more. Fortunately, you have the tools you need to make progress there too. To enhance the quality of your audio, you should buy an excellent microphone because they are now portable and reasonably priced. So, these are the top ten microphones for YouTube to buy in India if you’re just starting out in the podcast, recording, or streaming space.

Considerations to make when purchasing a microphone


  • Your motivation for recording is: You should be aware of your desired outcome before you begin looking for a microphone. Would you like to record podcasts, music, or audio for videos or real-time gaming streams? You need to change the budget, variety, brand of choice, and other factors in light of that.



  • Frequency level: Microphones typically include frequency information that explains how well the product can reproduce the sound waves captured by its parts. The output is better when the range is higher.

Microphone types

The majority of you may wonder how microphones can differ. However, they actually are. You have a shotgun, studio, and lavatory microphone.


  • Lavalier: In essence, these are the portable interview and filmmaking clip-on microphones.
  • Studio: Condenser microphones are what you typically refer to as studio equipment that helps you record information. These microphones aid in noise reduction and provide the best audio quality.
  • Shotgun: This mic is primarily utilised in TV studios and throughout production. Fast piece-to-camera (p2c) output benefits from the sound being processed in front of the microphone.

Polar patterns: Microphones are designed to properly record audio. Nowadays, most microphones have a cardioid pattern, which records sound in a heart-shaped pattern. Additionally, there are microphones that can pick up sound in both directions, which is sometimes useful.

Connectivity: This feature is probably underrated, but it’s crucial to how the mic works with your system. It could be a USB Type C port, a regular Type B port, or even a microUSB port. Select a microphone with a plug-and-play capability if that is what will work best for you.

Blue Yeti mic ( Premium mic)

BmicrophoneBUY ON AMAZON

In addition to its quality and functionality, Blue Yeti is a favoured option among vloggers due to the brand’s general dependability. Its dynamic USB-based microphone makes it suitable for recording podcasts, streaming, playing video games, and even participating in video conversations. For laptops or PCs, there is also a condenser microphone option. It can be hung from a module or made to stand on the adjustable stand. To improve the calibre of your recordings, advanced modulation, and HD audio samples, Blue Yeti created Blue VO!CE software.

It allows you to record using the omnidirectional, bidirectional, stereo, and flexible cardioid pickup patterns. The device has onboard controls that allow you to manage the volume, silence the audio, and other functions. The Blue Yeti mic provides latency-free audio for your recordings. Customers describe it as the best in the segment for the price. A must-have item for prospective YouTubers is the Blue Yeti.

Sennheiser MKE 200


Another choice that is less expensive than the Blue Yeti while still being a high-end device is the Sennheiser MKE 200. It is a directional condenser microphone that works well with smartphones and DSLR cameras for vlogging. The MKE 200 can be connected to a smartphone’s headphone jack or the top of a camera. The directional arrangement allows you to isolate and improve your video’s audio quality. To minimise excessive shaking, Sennheiser designed the MKE 200 with an internal suspension mount and built-in wind protection.

All of the microphone’s parts have been crammed into a small design that permits 360-degree audio capture by the business. Additionally, as it is battery-free, you won’t need to worry about charging it every time you use it. Vloggers prefer the MKE 200’s size and its small design, which lets them use it with several devices in their setup. The quality of some of them is guaranteed by the Sennheiser name.

                                                 Blue Snowball iCE USB Mic

microphone BUY ON AMAZON

The iCE USB mic from Blue Snowball looks like a great option if you’re looking for a fashionable and useful microphone for YouTube. It has a unique condenser capsule that claims to provide audio that is far clearer than what a laptop or PC mic can provide. The classic style gives your workplace a good aesthetic appeal, and even your videos turn out stylishly with excellent audio quality. Its cardioid pickup pattern produces high-quality audio, especially whether streaming, creating podcasts, or making phone conversations.

The desk stand for the microphone is movable, allowing you to modify its position to suit your audio levels. To use the iCE USB microphone on a Mac or PC, all you need to do is plug it in and go. To edit the recorded content, pair the microphone with the Sherpa companion app. Customers refer to it as the best HD studio recorder since it adds a polished touch to regular audio content. Many people were particularly impressed with the sound quality, with some even comparing it favourably to the Blue Yeti. It is one of the top YouTube microphones available right now.

Audio-Technica AT2020


We may also recommend an excellent microphone from Audio-Technica for YouTube. The cardioid condenser studio microphone AT2020 is perfect for tasks carried out inside of homes. It guarantees good SPL handling and a broad dynamic range, making it adaptable for a variety of use situations. The low-mass diaphragm, which offers a wider frequency response, was specially engineered by the brand. You get clear and crisp audio when recording thanks to the cardioid design’s enhanced side noise isolation. A threaded stand mount is included with the microphone and is securely fastened to provide clear audio. Buyers in general describe it as the best for the money. It is worth your money because it has excellent sound quality and a sturdy construction.

AKG Lyra Ultra-HD


The Lyra Ultra-HD microphone from Samsung-owned AKG is another high-end alternative. For high-quality AKG sound, it has a four-capsule adaptable array. High definition audio at 24-bit/192kHz is produced. The Lyra has been adjusted by AKG so that you can record podcasts, make YouTube videos, record vocals, and stream video games. The best thing about Lyra is how simple it is to connect to a variety of gadgets, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

When recording, you receive zero-latency audio, which is audible when listened to through headphones. Ableton Live 10 (ten) Lite software, included with the device, enables you to produce, edit, and create music while on the go. What have customers to say? They receive ideal quality from Lyra for recording instruments, with clear audio coming to the fore. Another major draw for purchasers is how simple it is to use it with USB Type C.

Maono AU-PM420 USB Podcast Condenser


Brands like Maono, which is selling its USB Podcast condenser, can be found at lower pricing points. High-resolution sampling rate provided by this model results in top-notch audio production. It may be used to record podcasts, capture videos, and stream content when paired with a Windows or Mac computer. The cardioid polar pattern of the AU-PM420 contributes to the reduction of excessive noise in the audio, providing crisper output.

To reduce wind flow when recording, the manufacturer has combined the microphone with a tough art set, a pop filter, and a windscreen cap. The Maono condenser microphone has an iron net, zing alloy, and glass mirror wrapped around the top module to improve overall build quality. For the greatest effects, it should ideally be set up on any desk. Many people refer to it as the ideal audio tool for beginners, a studio microphone setup, and arguably the greatest product available at this price.



The Shure MV51 is the most costly audio device you have. This condenser microphone’s huge diaphragm provides sounds of the highest calibre. Five DSP preset settings, including speech, singing, flat, and loud, have been added by Shure. It receives Apple MFI certification, enabling it to function with iPhone, iPad, and even iPod without the use of additional adapters. You’ll adore its shiny appearance and vintage-inspired style. But even in terms of technology, this microphone is perfectly suited for optimising the equaliser and audio gain. Yes, you may put it on any nearby surface because it has an incorporated stand. Most reviewers of this microphone have given it five stars and said it is a fantastic product with excellent audio delivery.

Maono AU-100 Condenser Clip On Lavalier


               BUY ON AMAZON

Similar to the Rode Lavgo, Maono offers a clip-on condenser lavalier microphone that can be worn around the neck while you move and record while doing so. The Maono AU-100 has an omnidirectional condenser, making it perfect for podcast recording as well as on a smartphone, DLSR, and PC. The cable’s length is sufficient for conducting group interviews or placing video calls.

To ensure that you don’t feel uncomfortable while wearing it on your tie, collar, or pocket, Maono developed it from lightweight materials. On Android phones, it functions with particular camera apps like Open and Promovie to record videos. A dual switch on the microphone allows you to swap between your smartphone and camera. The Maono AU-100’s performance and quality for the money work in its favour. For those on a tight budget, the wide compatibility also makes it a respectable option.

Boya BYM1 Omnidirectional Lavalier Condenser


The final option is arguably the one that vloggers prefer the most. Despite being the most affordable audio equipment available on the market, Boya BYM1 receives the most number of votes from customers, making it the customer’s favourite. The omnidirectional condenser microphone works with a variety of equipment, including cellphones, DSLR cameras, camcorders, and PCs, making it perfect for shooting movies while on the road. It has a 360-degree audio-producing Omni pickup configuration as standard equipment. To switch between utilising a camera and a smartphone, use it the built-in switch. To record videos or even sounds, the entire package is all you need. Additionally, because to its small size, you may use, clip, and carry it anywhere.

Rode NT-USB Mini Studio Quality USB Unidirectional Microphone


  • Optimised directional cardioid pickup pattern reduces ambient noise and other unwanted noise.
  • condenser capsule that offers presence and warmth for a polished, clean sound.
  • Studio-quality headphone amplifier with switchable zero
  • latency monitoring and precise level control to get rid of irritating echo. 20 Hz to 20 kHz is the frequency range.
  • A desktop, mic stand, or studio arm may be quickly and
  • easily positioned using the integrated 360-degree swing mount.
  • built-in pop filter to cut down on plosives, Unique, easily removable magnetic desk stand that helps to prevent bumps and dings.



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