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POCO X6 vs POCO F5: The Ultimate Showdown of Smartphone Titans Revealed!

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In the realm of smartphones, POCO continues to captivate tech enthusiasts with its relentless pursuit of performance and innovation. Today, we delve into the clash of two mighty contenders – POCO X6 vs POCO F5. Buckle up as we dissect their features, unravelling the strengths and weaknesses that define these smartphones.

Antutu Benchmark Battle

Let the numbers speak for themselves. POCO X6 asserts its dominance with an impressive 1.4M+ Antutu score, leaving POCO F5 behind with its 1.1M+ Antutu. This benchmark battle sets the stage for a showdown of unparalleled performance.

Display Showdown

The visual experience takes centre stage as POCO X6 boasts a 1.5k 12Bit display, outshining POCO F5’s 1080P 12bit. The clash of resolutions unfolds a visual spectacle, and we explore the implications for users seeking an immersive viewing experience.

Cooling Chronicles

In the heat of the competition, cooling becomes a crucial factor. POCO X6 introduces a formidable 5000mm² VC Cooling system, surpassing POCO F5’s 3725mm². We delve into how these cooling mechanisms impact sustained performance.

Fingerprint Face-Off

Convenience meets technology in the battle of fingerprint placements. POCO X6 integrates an InDisplay Fingerprint sensor, challenging POCO F5’s Side Mounted Fingerprint. Which approach emerges as the more user-friendly and efficient option?

Memory and Storage Skirmish

Memory and storage are battlegrounds where speed and capacity collide. POCO X6 boasts LPDDR5X+UFS 4.0, while POCO F5 relies on LPDDR5 +UFS 3.1. We explore how these configurations affect multitasking and overall user experience.

Wireless Connectivity Clash

Bluetooth takes a leap forward with POCO X6 sporting Bluetooth 5.4 against POCO F5’s Bluetooth 5.3. We analyze the significance of this upgrade and its impact on wireless connectivity.

NFC Showdown

POCO X6 raises the stakes with NFC support, a feature absent in POCO F5. We discuss the utility and convenience that NFC brings to the table and its relevance in modern smartphone usage.

Brightness Battle

Illuminating the battlefront, POCO X6 boasts an impressive 1800nits peak brightness, overshadowing POCO F5’s 1000 nits. We shed light on the implications for outdoor visibility and content consumption.

Performance Upgrade Analysis

Even this time, POCO X6 has been upgraded to deliver more performance than POCO F5. We unravel the specific enhancements and technological strides that position POCO X6 as a performance powerhouse.

Brand Slogan Reinforcement

“Only POCO can Beat POCO” echoes through this comparison, reinforcing POCO’s commitment to surpassing its own benchmarks. We explore the brand’s philosophy and how it resonates with users.

POCO X6 Conclusion

Summarizing the triumphs of POCO X6, we emphasize the standout features that make it a formidable contender in the smartphone arena.

POCO F5 Conclusion

Acknowledging POCO F5’s stand in the battle, we highlight its strengths and recognize its role in providing users with a reliable and efficient smartphone option.

Face-Off Verdict

Deciding the winner in the clash of features, we provide insights into why POCO X6 stands out in this head-to-head comparison.

User’s Dilemma

Guiding users faced with the choice between POCO X6 vs POCO F5, we help them navigate through the features to make an informed decision based on their preferences and needs.

POCO X6 vs POCO F5 : Specification

Feature                     POCO X6                              POCO F5                           
  Display                     1.5k 12Bit Display                 1080P 12Bit Display                  
  Antutu Benchmark            1.4M+ Antutu                       1.1M+ Antutu                        
  VC Cooling                  5000mm² VC Cooling                 3725mm² VC Cooling                   
  Fingerprint                 InDisplay Fingerprint             Side Mounted Fingerprint            
  Memory                      LPDDR5X+UFS 4.0                         LPDDR5 +UFS 3.1                      
  Bluetooth                   Bluetooth 5.4                     Bluetooth 5.3                       
  NFC                         Yes                                  No                                  
  Peak Brightness             1800nits Peak Brightness           1000 nits Peak Brightness           
This table provides a concise overview of the key specifications differentiating POCO X6 vs POCO F5, making it easier for users to compare the two smartphones


Q: Is POCO X6 water-resistant?

A: Unfortunately, neither POCO X6 nor POCO F5 comes with an official water resistance rating.

Q: Can I expand the storage on POCO X6 vs POCO F5?

A: Both smartphones do not support external microSD card expansion. Make sure to choose a variant with sufficient internal storage.

Q: Which device has a better camera setup?

A: POCO X6’s camera setup, with its higher resolution, offers a potentially better photography experience compared to POCO F5.

Q: Does POCO F5 support fast charging?

A: Yes, POCO F5 supports fast charging with an 18-watt charging capability.

Q: Are there any colour options available for POCO X6 vs POCO F5?

A: Both smartphones come in various colour options, allowing users to choose according to their preferences.


As the dust settles in the clash of titans, the POCO X6 vs POCO F5 battle has showcased the evolution of smartphone technology. Each device brings its strengths to the table, catering to diverse user preferences. Whether it’s the cutting-edge display, enhanced cooling, or superior performance, these smartphones continue POCO’s legacy of delivering feature-packed devices. The choice ultimately lies in the hands of the user, as they weigh the significance of each feature based on their priorities.

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