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Unveiling iQOO Neo 9 and Neo 9 Pro: Launched In China

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Unveiling iQOO Neo 9 and Neo 9 Pro: Launched In China


In the dynamic world of smartphones, iQOO has once again taken the stage with the launch of its latest marvels – the iQOO Neo 9 and Neo 9 Pro. This article explores the groundbreaking features, specifications, and design elements that make these smartphones stand out in the competitive market.

Display Excellence

At the forefront of innovation is the stunning 6.78-inch OLED 1.5K display featured in both the Neo 9 and Neo 9 Pro. With a resolution of 2800 x 1260 pixels and a rapid 144Hz refresh rate, users can expect a visual experience that goes beyond expectations. The high refresh rate ensures smoother transitions and heightened responsiveness, making interactions with the device a delight.

Powering the Marvels: iQOO Q1 Chip

Driving the exceptional performance of these smartphones is the self-developed iQOO Q1 chip. This processor brings a new level of efficiency and speed to the Neo 9 and Neo 9 Pro, ensuring seamless multitasking, quick app launches, and an overall responsive user interface.

Battery and Charging Advancements

In the realm of battery technology, iQOO has made significant strides. The Neo 9 and Neo 9 Pro are equipped with a robust 5,160mAh battery, promising extended usage without compromise. What truly sets them apart is the revolutionary 120W charging capability, allowing users to charge their devices at an unprecedented speed.

Capture the Moment: Camera Specifications

For photography enthusiasts, the smartphones feature a 16MP front camera for stunning selfies. On the rear, the iQOO Neo 9 and Neo 9 Pro showcase their prowess with distinct setups. The Neo 9 boasts a 50MP primary sensor with optical image stabilization (OIS) and an additional 8MP ultra-wide lens. Meanwhile, the Neo 9 Pro introduces a dual 50MP configuration, including a Samsung JN1 ultra-wide sensor.

Cooling Innovation: 6K VC Liquid-Cooled 3D System

To address the issue of heat dissipation during extended usage or resource-intensive tasks, iQOO has introduced the 6K VC liquid-cooled 3D heat dissipation system. This innovative cooling solution ensures optimal performance, allowing users to push the limits of their devices without concerns about overheating.

Feature-Rich Design

Beyond the camera and display, the iQOO Neo 9 and Neo 9 Pro come packed with features that enhance the overall user experience. These include an in-display fingerprint sensor, an IR blaster, dual speakers for immersive audio, an X-axis linear motor for tactile feedback, and a thoughtfully designed plastic middle frame that contributes to the device’s durability.

Connectivity and Operating System

Keeping up with the latest technological advancements, both smartphones support Wi-Fi 7, Bluetooth 5.4, and USB-C (2.0) connectivity options. Running on Android 14 customized with iQOO’s OriginOS 4, users can expect a fluid and intuitive interface, along with access to the latest Android features.

Compact and Stylish: Dimensions and Colors

In terms of design, the iQOO Neo 9 and Neo 9 Pro strike a balance between compactness and style. The dimensions measure 163.53 x 75.68 x 7.99mm, with a weight of 196 grams. The red and white variants have a slightly different profile at 8.34mm thickness and 190 grams weight. Users can express their style with color options such as Fight Black, Nautical Blue, and Red and White Soul.

Distinguishing Features: iQOO Neo 9

The iQOO Neo 9 stands out with the powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, ensuring top-tier performance. The rear camera setup, featuring a 50MP primary sensor (Sony IMX920) with OIS and an 8MP ultra-wide lens, promises exceptional photography capabilities.

iQOO Neo 9 Pro Highlights

On the other hand, the Neo 9 Pro introduces the Dimensity 9300 processor, contributing to an efficient and optimized user experience. The rear camera configuration is elevated with a dual 50MP setup, including a Samsung JN1 ultra-wide sensor, offering users advanced photography options.

Pricing Structure for iQOO Neo 9

For those eager to make these smartphones their own, iQOO Neo 9 comes with multiple

 pricing options catering to different storage configurations. The pricing breakdown is as follows:

12GB+256GB: 2,299 CNY (~Rs 26,800; ~$320)

– 16GB+256GB: 2,499 CNY (~Rs 29,130; ~$350)

– 16GB+512GB: 2,799 CNY (~Rs 32,625; ~$390)

– 16GB+1TB: 3,199 CNY (~Rs 37,290; ~$450)

Pricing Details for iQOO Neo 9 Pro

Stepping up the game, the iQOO Neo 9 Pro is priced competitively, offering advanced features and configurations:

12GB+256GB: 2,999 CNY (~Rs 36,085; ~$420)

12GB+512GB: 3,299 CNY (~Rs 39,695)

Difference Between iQOO Neo 9 and Neo 9 Pro :


In conclusion, the iQOO Neo 9 and Neo 9 Pro showcase a perfect amalgamation of cutting-edge technology, innovative design, and advanced features. These smartphones are poised to make a significant impact in the smartphone landscape, catering to the diverse needs of tech enthusiasts and casual users alike.


1.   Q: What sets the iQOO Neo 9 and Neo 9 Pro apart from other smartphones? 

   – A: The iQOO Neo 9 and Neo 9 Pro stand out with their 6.78-inch OLED 1.5K display, powerful processors, and innovative features like 120W charging and a 6K VC liquid-cooled 3D system.

2.   Q: Are there any specific color options available for these smartphones? 

   – A: Yes, users can choose from stylish color options including Fight Black, Nautical Blue, and Red and White Soul.

3.   Q: What is the significance of the iQOO Q1 chip in these smartphones? 

   – A: The self-developed iQOO Q1 chip enhances overall device performance, ensuring smooth multitasking and quick app launches.

4.   Q: How do the camera setups differ between the iQOO Neo 9 and Neo 9 Pro? 

   – A: While both share a 50MP primary sensor, the Neo 9 has an 8MP ultra-wide lens, and the Neo 9 Pro features a dual 50MP setup with a Samsung JN1 ultra-wide sensor.

5.   Q: What is the pricing range for the iQOO Neo 9 and Neo 9 Pro? 

   – A: The iQOO Neo 9 comes in various configurations ranging from 2,299 CNY to 3,199 CNY, while the Neo 9 Pro is priced between 2,999 CNY and 3,299 CNY.

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