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Huawei Enjoy 70 Pro: Know the specifications of this smartphone launched in China.

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Smartphone enthusiasts, brace yourselves, as Huawei has once again pushed the boundaries of innovation with the recent launch of the Huawei Enjoy 70 Pro. This device brings a myriad of features and specifications that are set to redefine the smartphone experience. Let’s delve into the details that make the Huawei Enjoy 70 Pro stand out in the competitive tech landscape.

Display Excellence 

The device boasts a stunning 6.75-inch FHD+ LCD display, offering users a visual feast with a resolution of 1080 x 2388 pixels. The importance of such display specifications cannot be overstated, as it significantly contributes to the overall user experience. Whether you’re streaming videos, playing games, or simply browsing, the Huawei Enjoy 70 Pro’s display promises excellence in every frame.

Power-Packed Performance 

Under the hood, the smartphone is powered by the robust Snapdragon 680 processor, ensuring seamless performance in every task. The inclusion of 8GB RAM further enhances multitasking capabilities, allowing users to switch between applications effortlessly. This combination of hardware not only provides a smooth user experience but also positions the Enjoy 70 Pro as a powerhouse in its category.

Ample Storage Options 

Catering to the diverse needs of users, Huawei offers two storage variants – 128GB and 256GB. This not only provides ample space for apps, photos, and videos but also allows users to choose the configuration that best suits their requirements. The flexibility in storage options is a commendable move by Huawei to meet the varied needs of its user base.

Long-Lasting Battery 

A smartphone’s battery life is a critical factor, and the Huawei Enjoy 70 Pro excels in this aspect with its 5,000mAh battery. The inclusion of 40W fast charging technology ensures that users spend less time tethered to charging outlets, offering a hassle-free and efficient charging experience.

Photography Prowess 

Huawei has always been synonymous with top-tier camera technology, and the Enjoy 70 Pro is no exception. With an 8MP front camera and a powerful 108MP + 2MP dual-camera setup on the rear, users can capture moments with unparalleled clarity. The integration of Harmony OS 4 further enhances the photography experience, offering users a range of features to unleash their creative potential.

Sleek and Lightweight Design 

Measuring at just 8.4mm thickness and 199 grams in weight, the Huawei Enjoy 70 Pro combines sleek aesthetics with a lightweight design, ensuring user comfort without compromising on style. The device’s design is a testament to Huawei’s commitment to providing not just powerful but also user-friendly smartphones.

Pricing Strategy 

Huawei has strategically priced the Enjoy 70 Pro, making it an attractive option in the competitive smartphone market. The 8GB+128GB variant comes at 1,449 CNY (~Rs 16,820; ~$200), while the 8GB+256GB variant is priced at 1,649 CNY (~Rs 19,140; ~$230). This pricing strategy positions the Enjoy 70 Pro as a compelling choice for users seeking premium features without breaking the bank.

Color Palette Choices 

Adding a personal touch to the device, Huawei offers the Enjoy 70 Pro in three elegant color options – Obsidian Black, Snowy White, and Emerald Green. This variety not only caters to different aesthetic preferences but also allows users to express their individuality through their smartphone choice.

Side-FS Feature 

One of the standout features of the Huawei Enjoy 70 Pro is the Side-FS technology. This innovative feature enhances user convenience by introducing new ways to interact with the device. The inclusion of such cutting-edge technology showcases Huawei’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of smartphone innovation.

Harmony OS 4 Integration 

The Huawei Enjoy 70 Pro runs on Harmony OS 4, the latest iteration of Huawei’s operating system. This integration brings forth a seamless and intuitive user interface, enhancing the overall user experience. Harmony OS 4 not only optimizes device performance but also introduces new features to keep users at the forefront of technological advancements.

Market Impact and Competitors 

As the Enjoy 70 Pro enters the market, it is poised to make a significant impact, challenging competitors in its segment. A brief comparison with other smartphones reveals its strengths, highlighting Huawei’s dedication to providing cutting-edge technology at competitive prices.

User Reviews and Initial Impressions 

Early adopters of the Huawei Enjoy 70 Pro have shared their positive experiences, praising the device’s display quality, powerful performance, and impressive camera capabilities. These initial impressions suggest that Huawei has succeeded in delivering a device that meets the expectations of tech enthusiasts.

Future Updates and Support 

Huawei’s commitment to providing regular software updates ensures that users will continue to enjoy the latest features and improvements. Additionally, the company’s robust customer support and post-purchase services contribute to a positive ownership experience, further solidifying the Enjoy 70 Pro’s value proposition.

Here’s the specifications table for the Huawei Enjoy 70 Pro:

Specification          Details                                  
Display                6.75-inch FHD+ LCD, 1080 x 2388 pixels, 60Hz
  Processor              Snapdragon 680                          
  RAM                    8GB                                     
  Storage                128GB / 256GB                           
  Battery                5,000mAh, 40W fast charging             
  Front Camera           8MP                                     
  Rear Camera            108MP + 2MP (depth)                     
  Design                 8.4mm thickness, 199 grams              
  Operating System       Harmony OS 4                              
  Colors                 Obsidian Black, Snowy White, Emerald Green
This table succinctly presents the key specifications of the Huawei Enjoy 70 Pro.


In conclusion, the Huawei Enjoy 70 Pro emerges as a smartphone that redefines excellence. From its captivating display to powerful performance, innovative features, and competitive pricing, this device checks all the boxes for a compelling smartphone experience. Huawei continues to push boundaries, delivering a device that not only meets but exceeds user expectations.


1.   Is the Huawei Enjoy 70 Pro available internationally? 

   – As of now, the Huawei Enjoy 70 Pro is launched in China, and international availability may vary.

2.   Can the storage be expanded on the Huawei Enjoy 70 Pro? 

   – The Enjoy 70 Pro does not support external SD card expansion, but with options of 128GB and 256GB, users have ample storage.

3.   Does the Huawei Enjoy 70 Pro support 5G connectivity? 

   – Yes, the Enjoy 70 Pro features 4G connectivity.

4.   Is the smartphone water-resistant? 

   – Huawei Enjoy 70 Pro does not come with official water resistance ratings; users are advised to handle it with care around liquids.

5.   What distinguishes Harmony OS 4 from other operating systems? 

   – Harmony OS 4 focuses on a seamless multi-device experience, emphasizing flexibility and smooth transitions between devices.

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